Pierre Raby

From an early age, Canadian artist Pierre Raby has shown a true passion for drawing, painting and everything related to the arts. Since the 1980s, he has produced large murals and sculptures in many public spaces around his hometown of Montreal and has worked in the visual merchandising industry as an artistic director, illustrator, sculptor and graphic designer. These experiences have afforded him valuable knowledge and a chance to refine his artistic skills. In 2008, he chose to devote himself exclusively to his art and started painting full time.


“Through human figure, urban landscape or more recently, still life, my objective is to translate a state of awareness, a quiet presence radiating from the subject and also by the finished art piece as an object. Over the years, photorealistic rendering has become the perfect vehicle to pursue this exploration. Passionate and curious about life and the human experience as a whole, my inspiration comes from multiple sources. I’m interested by those unexpected visual encounters which contain some kind of metaphorical potential that otherwise might remain unnoticed.


“The process starts with photography, during which I experiment with various compositions and lighting. From the photo shoot, a keen selection is made and the drawing begins. The preliminary drawing is transferred to the prepared surface and then the artwork is slowly built by applying several thin coats of glaze, using the classical oil technique inherited from the Renaissance and widely popularized during the Dutch Golden Age of Painting.”


Raby’s paintings are collected internationally and can be found in numerous private collections in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore.



Recent exhibition:


2012   More Real Than Real:  Realism from the USA and Canada,

a group show curated by Jim Thalassoudis at Peter Walker Fine Art Gallery, Adelaide, Australia.




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