Tyler Shields



Tyler Shields is a super-hot commodity in the world of art and film.  Not only does he include Hollywood's young elite in his shoots, he pushes his subjects--and himself--to the very limit for every shot.  And never more so than in his latest body of work, SUSPENSE.  SUSPENSE follows on the heels of a body of work that traveled worldwide, Controlled Chaos.


There is so much to say about Tyler, and much is always said about Tyler and his work.  He makes news regularly in news blogs, magazines, newspapers and photographic publications around the world.  Here are just a few facts about this charismatic 32-year-old:


1.  Tyler Shields is fearless.  Born in Jacksonville, Florida, he started racing motocross when he was 6 years old


2.  In his teens, Tyler was a World Champion X Games Vert Inline Skater in 1999, and 2000, and toured with the legendary Tony Hawk in 2003.


4.   He directed his first feature-length film, Final Girl, starring Oscar-nominated, Abigail Breslin, Francesca Eastwood, and The Hunger Games', Wes Bentley.  To be released later this year.


5.   Tyler has written a series of six novels, two of which have been published to date (Richest Man, and Smartest Man), one of which is being considered for a movie.


6.    The first book of his photography, The Dirty Side of Glamour was published in November last year.


  1. There is never any manipulation of any kind in Tyler's jaw-dropping photographic images--all are live action in real time.


8.   Tyler recently acted in a film called Delirium which just wrapped shooting: “It’s a big action movie -- we shot all over the world, it was insane! Now I am writing a new movie.”


9.   It was announced in ”Variety”, that Tyler has recently signed on to direct his second feature-length movie, “Outlaw”.


10.    The artist has exhibited all over the world--London, Sydney, Paris, Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, and more.  His work is found in important collections and his list of collectors reads like a who’s who of the film and art world.


Ballerinas And The Cow
Camera Barbie
Champagne Kiss
Come Fly With Me
Glitter Mouth
Green Goddess (Edition 10)
Head In The Clouds (Edition 10)
Life Is Not A Fairytale
Long Weekend
Mouths 4
Murder On The Square (Edition 10)
Smoke II (1/3)
Summer of '56
Whip Splash (Edition 10)
A Tale of Two Dreamers
Black Cat
Bubble Gum
Dancers In Music Hall
Dancing In The Clouds
Dancing in the Light
Dirty Side of Glamour
Dreaming of Paris
Emma Falling
End Of The World 2
Gator Birkin
Girl in Pond
Girls at the Beach
Into the Blue Lagoon
Love Collision
Moore, OK
Red Balloon
Rolls Royce
Self Portrait
Smoke Break
The Dancers Together
The Door to...
The Lake's Edge
The Mouth in the Mirror
The Sugar Plum Fairies
The Underground Ballet Company
Water Mouths

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