Tyler Shields


Artinfo.com calls Tyler Shields "Hollywood's Hottest and Most Twisted Photographer", GQ puts him in the 100 Best Things in the World and LA Weekly says: "The mystery behind his relationships and habits captivate the media, not unlike the art world's best-known friend of the famous, Andy Warhol."


Whatever people say about Tyler Shields, they can't stop talking about him. His shoot with Heather Morris from Glee was the 2nd biggest news story in America, his exhibition in London was featured constantly in the UK's papers and his work with Lindsay Lohan was global news on CNN.


Tyler Shields is a celebrity photographer like no other; he doesn't work with editors to produce pretty pictures to sell magazines " he works with the biggest artists of our time to make art.


Tyler's images don't just stand out in an image drenched internet age - they constantly feature on Yahoo OMG!, TMZ, US Weekly, People Magazine, Mail Online and a host of other of the world's largest media channels. So much so his collectors list is every bit as impressive as his collaborators, with movie, TV stars and studio bosses owning his limited edition works. Tyler's Hollywood shows feature installations and happenings, such as a man being shot with live rounds, which result in them gaining more media exposure than most premiers.


Tyler Shields is exhibiting across America and Europe with solo shows in LA, NY,Cincinnati, Moscow and London in 2012.


He has recently been commissioned to direct the feature length "Final Girl" and has published the first in his completed series of 6 novels "Smartest Man."

A Tale of Two Dreamers
Ballerinas And The Cow
Black Cat
Bubble Gum
Camera Barbie
Champagne Kiss
Come Fly With Me
Dancing In The Clouds
Dancing in the Light
Dirty Side of Glamour
Dreaming of Paris
SoldEmma Falling
End Of The World 2
Gator Birkin
Girl in Pond
Girls at the Beach
Glitter Mouth
Green Goddess (Edition 10)
Head In The Clouds (Edition 10)
Into the Blue Lagoon
Life Is Not A Fairytale
Long Weekend
Love Collision
SoldMoore, OK
Mouths 4
Murder On The Square (Edition 10)
SoldRed Balloon
Rolls Royce
Self Portrait
Smoke Break
Smoke II (1/3)
Summer of '56
The Door to...
The Lake's Edge
The Mouth in the Mirror
The Sugar Plum Fairies
The Underground Ballet Company
Water Mouths
Whip Splash (Edition 10)

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