OBJECTS OF DESIRE: The Holiday Show 2013

Holiday Party
Saturday, November 23, 4 - 9 pm

This show is a dazzler. Get out your Holiday gift list and come shopping for those very special people in your life. We'll have something wonderful for everyone - from new artists, new paintings, new phtographs, new sculpture, a curated collection of the coolest books from Glitterati, and drawings for the serious art collector, all in a wide range of sizes, styles and prices by 50 artists.

We'll be linking here soon to more info about all these wonderful artists.

We'll be showing Tyler Shields' SHOT IN CINCINNATI: New images from selected local photoshoots over the past 2 years during the show. We will also have signed copies of the first book on his work, The Dirty Side of Glamour, published by Harper Collins.

Be ready to be amazed by the oversized bronze sculptures of world-renowned sculptors, Luis Montoya and Leslie Ortiz-Martini Time, for example, is a 39" long toothpick with three pimento-stuffed olives.

We're also introducing the iconic imagery of renowned photographer, Douglas Kirkland whose portfolio contains endless, immediately-remembered images of such greats as Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, John Lennon, Baryshnikov, and more.

The work of artist Steve Casino will bring a smile to your face-3-D vignettes with famous people painted on peanuts, as seen on Good Morning America. We'll have a new group of Jonathan Queen's painted portraits on vintage photographs-sold out in moments at the last holiday show.

For those with a passion for comics, we'll have original cover art for Batman, Spiderman, Zorro, The Avengers, Indiana Jones and more-all painted by local artist David Michael Beck for Marvel, Dark Horse, DC, Star Wars, and Catskill Comics, to name a few.

We'll be showing Michael Madzo's fascinating works, assembled paintings that are acrylic on paper sewn with cotton threads, and new sculpture by John Petrey, Guillermo Rigattieri, Bill Starke and Rondle West.

From, Glitterati, New York publishers of extraordinary books on art, photography, music and more, we will offer a selectionof highly collectible volumes on a variety of art-related topics., curated by Ms. Glitterati herself, Marta Hallet.

Peggy Petrey Jewelry, beautiful cuff bracelets created from license plates. Utilizing vivid color, texture and history she creates unique pieces of wearable art.

Dhani Jones: BowTie Cause: Dhani Jones is a Cincinnati treasure, a former Cincinnati Bengal, artist, philanthropist, owner of Bow Tie Café and Cincinnati Art Museum Board Member. Dhani is currently working on a photography project which will be presented at Miller Gallery during FotoFocus 2014. We are happy to have BowTies for a Cause this Christmas. Each BowTie has been created for a specific non-profit. Pick your favorite cause and part of the sales goes directly to that cause.

There's More! Watch this space.

- through December 28, 2013.

November 23 – December 28, 2013

Granites, Agates and Quartzites
Morning Highlight
San Fedele
Celebrate # 2599
Celebrate # 2603
Celebrate # 2605
Rose with Love Letter
Balloon Square
Popcorn Box
The Artist
Earth Stories II
Baby Universe
Brian 1994
John Lennon 1966 (6/24)
La Boheme, New York 2002 (6/24)
Marilyn Monroe 1961 (11/25)
Mikhail Baryshnikov 1986
Plein Air
A Wise Indifference
I Can Tell Without Looking
Let Others Seek Meaning
The Long Kiss of Awakening
The Long Motions of Solitude
They Know Me For What I Am
Miniature II
SoldBox of Rocks # 4
SoldDogwood with Dress
SoldSumac with Bust
SoldBunny II
SoldSummer Fields
SoldLil Perch 4
SoldPerch 9
SoldNoir Et Jaune
SoldSimply Peace
SoldParticulas II
SoldBoo Baby
SoldChocolate Sweetie
SoldFirst Interview
SoldFull Moon Crooner
SoldGussied Up
SoldLeaning Lamb
SoldSitting Aloof
SoldStaring Contest
SoldThe Dark Knight Poses

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