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LECTURE - Douglas Kirkland: A Life In Pictures

Lecture sponsored by CANON
Fath Auditorium at The Cincinnati Art Museum

Thursday, October 2, 6 - 8 pm

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In conjuntion with FotoFocus 2014

This is a rare and remarkable opportunity to hear about the life and work of one of the living legends of photography.

Mr. Kirkland’s talk will be followed by a book-signing for DOUGLAS KIRKLAND: A Life in Pictures, published by Glitterati Incorporated. All book sales will benefit The Cincinnati Art Museum.

This event will take place at the Fath Auditorium at The Cincinnati Art Museum and is free of charge, but we ask that you advise the gallery of your attendance: 513-871-4420
October 2 – October 2, 2014

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DOUGLAS KIRKLAND: A Life in Pictures

In conjunction with FOTOFOCUS 2014

October 4 - 18

Opening reception and party to meet the artist
Douglas Kirkland
SATURDAY, October 4, 6 - 9 pm

DOUGLAS KIRKLAND: A Life in Pictures

In conjunction with FOTOFOCUS 2014, we present the remarkable images of world-renowned photographer, Douglas Kirkland. The images exhibited are gleaned from Mr. Kirkland's astonishing 60-year career as a photographer for Life and Look magazines and include subjects like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Grace Jones, Elizabeth Taylor, Charlie Chaplin, Brigitte Bardot and so many more. Also included are iconic images from the best-known movies that we all know but may not know are the works of Douglas Kirkland-such as the image in the movie poster of Julie Andrews running through the hills in The Sound of Music; and other classics from Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, Titanic and 150 more famous films.

October 4 – October 18, 2014

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DHANI JONES: Homonyms Holograph

! ! ! ---> N E W D A T E S <--- ! ! !

Opening reception and party to meet the artist, Dhani Jones
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 7 - 9 pm

show continues through November 1
In conjunction with FOTOFOCUS 2014

American football linebacker, Dhani Makalani Jones played for eleven seasons in the National Football League, four of them in Cincinnati as a Bengal. Athlete, entrepreneur, adventurer, artist, photographer, author, commentator, TV host for numerous productions (including the Travel Channel's Dhani Tackles The Globe) Dhani Jones is also a philanthropist, his primary philanthropic initiative being BowTie Cause.

While traveling for Dhani Tackles The Globe, Mr. Jones became avidly interested in photography, and the interest became a passion. His project for FOTOFOCUS is conceptual. Through this body of work, the artist explores the often-confusing complexities of the English language through his creative photographic expression. Dhani will illustrate this challenge through a series of photographic homonyms, reflecting the varying presentations and uses of the same, or same-sounding words.

October 17 – November 1, 2014

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TYLER SHIELDS: Provocateur

In conjunction with FOTOFOCUS 2014

TYLER SHIELDS: Provocateur

Opening Party| Meet the Artist |
Friday, October 24 | 7 - 10pm

The absolute provocateur, Tyler Shields returns to Cincinnati for his third show with Miller Gallery, and his second as part of the biennial FOTOFOCUS. Tyler Shields, who exhibits worldwide, presents his newest body of work, Provocateur. As the title suggests, the imagery is provocative, created by, according to Webster, “a person who provokes trouble, causes dissension, or the like”. No stranger to controversy, unaffected by the feathers he ruffles, Tyler yet again pushes his subjects—often the young elite of Hollywood–and himself, to the limits of what is possible and usually well outside the comfort zones of those involved. Sensuous, risky, thoughtful, sensitive, provocative—Tyler Shields, is the Provocateur.
October 24 – November 8, 2014

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Otto Lange, Eric Joyner and John Whipple
HAPPYLAND KINGDOM, or Donuts, Dogs & Misfits

Opening | Holiday ArtParty | Meet the Artists

Our most quirky, super-creative artists from across the country join together for this three-person show that will bring smiles to your Holiday season. Georgia artist, Otto Lange, shows his creative realism in oils on vintage papers; California’s Eric Joyner of “Robots & Donuts” fame presents new works that give life to vintage tin robots and their nemesis, the Donut; and Florida artist John Whipple’s continually evolving and unusual portraits, as well as his comical MISFITS, will continue to warm the hearts of Cincinnati collectors as they have done for years.
November 21 – December 30, 2014

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