We believe that fine framing is about problem solving. With that in mind, we use our knowledge and expertise to create a frame design that best suits the image and is in balance with the needs of our clients and their décor. However, good framing goes beyond good design.

Photographs, works on paper and paintings on canvas all have individual requirements. As an example, some images require UV glass as opposed to regular glass or PH neutral materials to preserve the current state of the art. These requirements will be explained and explored and ultimately applied to the work of art with the input of both our staff and the client.

From works on paper, canvas paintings, photographs and documents to sentimental items or fleeting decorative whims, Miller Gallery wants to find the best balance between function and design.


We are artists. We take our knowledge as artists and combine it with the experiences we have accumulated with galleries, publishers, designers and collectors and apply it to the works that come through Miller Gallery. Because of this, we consider ourselves “caretakers” of art.

We are designers. We apply our graphic design and advertising backgrounds for framing design, ensuring that the frame design will still allow you to focus on what you care most about. Your art.