Ned Evans’ paintings are infused with the light, space and rhythms of southern California, from ocean to mountains to desert. With a palette that is rich and intense or sun-bleached and weathered, his paintings are inspired by the natural world around him for which he has an unending passion. An avid lifetime surfer,

Evans has called Venice home for almost 40 years, his home and studio just blocks from the beach.  He finds parallels in his experiences in the waves and water and as a painter in his studio.

“The physicality of surfing and the immersion in the medium translates into what happens here in the studio,” explains Evans.  “It’s not conscious, it just happens.  I like to immerse myself in the process of painting and the liquidity of the painting.  I work wet-on-wet and it carries right over into the same sensations when I’m surfing.”

Skeins of color applied in thin watery glazes are layered, manipulated, torqued and twisted as the artist interprets his responses to the languid but ever-changing ocean, the shimmering west coast light, burning desert sands and verdant hills.  

“The paintings present themselves as a sort of visual jazz; where variations in the intensity of light and color create melodic undulations of the spatial plane.  The overall effect is one where light seems not so much to play across the surface of a particular piece, but to be shot through it -- the color splintered in rhythmic shards.”--(William Turner)

Ned Evans’ paintings have been exhibited extensively, nationally and internationally in nearly 30 solo shows as well as numerous group exhibitions. His works are included in numerous important public and private collections worldwide.  Four paintings currently at Miller Gallery were recently included in a new Ivan Reitman movie (producer/director of Ghostbusters movies and numerous other major films).

Education: 1974, MFA, University of California, Irvine       1971, BFA, University of California, Irvine

Selected Public Collections:  Laguna Beach Museum of Art; Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach; Oakland Museum of Art, CA; Boston Stock Exchange; Kaufman & Broad, Paris; Nissan Corporation, Costa Mesa, CA; Sheraton Hotels, CA, MA; Warner Bros, Hollywood; Hard Rock Hotel, Tampa; Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas; Four Seasons, Houston.

Selected Private Collections:  Eli Broad Family Foundation; Merv Griffin; Robert Downey, Jr;  Kenneth Branagh; Ed Ruscha; Ed Moses; Frederick R. Weisman Foundation Collection; Amy Ephron.

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