Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Bach was formally trained at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York where he majored in painting and illustration. After working for numerous publications and advertising clients, he accepted a commission to paint 1500 wall murals for Olive Garden Restaurants across the country. In 1999, Bach began experimenting with acrylic and oils on canvas, painting remembrances of places visited. This grew into a passion and he became a full time landscape artist.

Bach progressed from near photographic imagery to softer atmospheric landscapes. He focuses on the serenity of a scene while pushing the effects of color and light. “Painting for me is a bit of escapism. I paint what brings me solitude. Perhaps it’s the calm feeling one gets when viewing vast spaces. It makes the pressure and demands of life seem less consequential. Many of my pieces reflect that time of day when the light softens, and colors that are invisible in the high sun appear again. Connecting that mood of peacefulness to a painted surface is the never-ending challenge.”

The artist describes his process: “Although I sometimes begin with a photograph, my paintings evolve from imagination. As with jazz music, improvisation is what keeps my work fresh and immediate. There is a lot of trial and error in the process. The visual harmony of a finished piece often conceals a bedlam of paint in the underlying layers. The challenge is to make pleasing order from the chaos. When it works, it’s very satisfying.”

Bach’s atmospheric landscape paintings are included in private collections across the country, and have been shown at leading art festivals including the Ann Arbor Street Fair in Michigan, St. Louis Art Fair, Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, Chicago Old Town Art Fair, and the Disney Festival of the Masters in Florida.

Selected Collections:

General Mills Corporation

Walt Disney Resorts

Maitland Art Center, FL

Cincinnati Microwave

NBA City at Universal Studios

Edwin Watts Golf Shops