Tracey Ellis-Haynes is a nationally recognized Narrative Figure/Portrait Artist, living in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

 Through her subtle use of symbolism and color harmonies, she explores pervasive life experiences. Tracey creates a dialog, painting her subject’s intriguing stories, and inner worlds, intertwining universally feminine themes.

 Tracey’s work aligns with the contemporary resurgence of representational figure painting, focusing on the narrative. She’s captivated by people; their stories, spirit and most of all their perseverance. She’s inspired by historical and contemporary figure painters, such as Millet, Velazquez, Margaret Bowland and Vincent Desiderio, to name a few. “People are fascinating, I’m ever intrigued by the creativity, diversity, and inner strength of people. I’m a loving observer of this amazing thing we call life, it’s struggles and advances.”

 Ellis-Haynes earned her BFA at the University of Mt. St. Joseph. She has received many portrait commissions, private and corporate. She has also done portraits for Portrait of a Soul-Shirner’s Hospital.

 She has been recognized for her work in The Artist Magazine’s Annual Competition, Richeson’s Portrait/Figure Show.

Her work was selected to be in the prestigious Women Painting Women Show, included in International Artist Magazine.

Tracey is represented by Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio.