Michael Fitts
Popcorn Box   H 21in x W 13in Oil on Tin

James Andrew Smith
Eternal Fragrance   H 18in x W 16in Oil On Panel

Eric Joyner
The Station Agent   H 24in x W 36in Oil On Panel

Lamar Briggs
Barcelona No. 2   H 40in x W 72in Mixed Media on Canvas

Brad Oliphant
Dual Fusion (right)   H 20in x W 30in Digital Photography

Pierre Raby
Attraction   H 10in x W 8in Oil On Cherry Wood Panel

James O'Neil
Herring Camp   H 12in x W 16in Acrylic On Panel

Pam Folsom
Harvest   H 36in x W 48in Oil On Canvas

Ned Evans
3908v   H 6in x W 16in Gouache

Deborah Bigeleisen
Swan 2   H 30in x W 30in Oil On Canvas

Amy Giust
Jazz Band   H 36in x W 48in Acrylic On Canvas

Wendy Chidester
Film Stack II   H 22in x W 20in Oil On Canvas

Stephen Bach
River at Sunset   H 14in x W 16in Oil On Canvas

John Michael Carter
Evening Light (Sorrento, Italy)   H 30in x W 36in Oil On Canvas

Anthony Ackrill
Dusk at Crying Rock   H 34in x W 46in Oil On Canvas

Tyler Shields
Mouths   H 20in x W 30in Digital Chromogenic Print

David Michael Beck
Early Autumn Pasture   H 24in x W 30in Oil On Panel

Rick Stevens
Rising From The Depths   H 48in x W 32in Oil On Canvas

Vic Vicini
Nothing To Smile About   H 12in x W 12in Oil On Canvas

Douglas Kirkland
Emiko 2014 (4/24)   H 24in x W 30in Archival Pigment Print

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