Otto Lange
1948 Flash Gordon Air Ray Gun   H 18in x W 18in Oil on Found Paper

Pang Jen
Flower Pots   H 30in x W 40in Oil On Canvas

Daniel E. Greene, N.A.
Break The Ice   H 40in x W 40in Oil On Panel

Randy Ford
Red Robin Diner   H 36in x W 48in Oil on Carbon-Fiber/Epoxy Panel

Tana Tapson
Mercury Dime   H 72in x W 72in Oil on Canvas, Steel Frame

The Hilton Brothers - Makos/Solberg
Andy Dandy EIGHT (3/5)   H 44in x W 64in Digital Pigment Print

Tyler Shields
Whip Splash (Edition 10)   H 8in x W 12in Digital Chromogenic Print

Karen Hollingsworth
Common Objects   H 41in x W 36in Oil On Canvas

Anthony Ackrill
Dusk At Crying Rock   H 34in x W 46in Oil On Canvas

Carlos Gamez de Francisco
French Radical Fashion VIII in 1789   H 20in x W 16in Oil On Canvas

Michael Fitts
Popcorn Box   H 21in x W 13in Oil on Tin

Ron Monsma
The Note   H 23in x W 30in Pastel

Lamar Briggs
New Day Too   H 65in x W 65in Mixed Mediums

Eduardo Monteagudo
Blink   H 17in x W 20in Acrylic On Canvas

Anne-Marie Kornachuk
Crimson River   H 24in x W 48in Oil On Linen

Douglas Kirkland
John Lennon 1966 (6/24)   H 30in x W 24in Archival Pigment Print

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